In the booth with Leo Woelfel

Romjulsfestivalen might seem like a whole other lifetime ago, but it was in fact only a week and a bit since we were getting down to the sounds of Leo Woelfel in our basement. The German native and head of the rtct.records label out of Innsbruck, accompanied the disco-skrangle sounds of Svømmebasseng with a Deep House set, featuring a diverse assemblage of sonic temperaments and moods. Elements of Jazz, Afro and Exotica meld in perfect harmony with elements of 4/4 House and Disco in Woelfel’s mix, which seems a distant memory today intersected by a New Years eve and another DJ Maraton. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just quite yet and savour the moment for just a little bit longer as we relive the experience with Leo Woelfel and this live recording from the night.