In the booth with Mr. Scruff

Mr.Scruff’s four hour set from last week’s event at Frædag  is now available to stream.

Exclusive to the blog this Friday, comes Mr. Scruff’s extensive set recorded last week at Jæger. It was the legendary DJ’s second visit in as many years and G-Ha & Olanskii were there again to welcome him to their residency and offer the keys to our basement for the entire night.

Settling into the basement, Mr. Scruff stayed the duration of the night, opening the floor and taking his audience on a journey through the weird and wonderful mind of Mr. Scruff. Nothing is left uncharted in Mr.Scruff’s expansive musical universe, with a varied, yet distinct approach to genre and style that has become his trademark over his considerable career.

You can hear Mr. Scruff plot a course through the night, but he’s clearly moving with the mood and the energy of the room. A stint focussing on the sounds of Reggae and Hip Hop might follow Disco and then transform into Jazz, the experience of the veteran DJ showing a hand in the seamless soundtrack he creates from beginning to end.

You can stream the mix in its entirety on the blog now for a limited time only.