DJ Okapi – Live from Untzdag

It took us two years to get DJ Okapi to Jaeger. The DJ behind the Afro Synth label, has been on our radar for the longest time, but his remote location and our own extensive schedules never seemed to conspire until our stars aligned for an Untzdag in September 2019. We sequestered DJ and label owner from a European tour with Ntombi Ndaba and Esa Williams for a rare guest appearance at Øyvind Morken’s Wednesday night residency.

The sounds of sub-saharan Kwaito, Bubblegum, Disco and Funk landed at Jaeger and in Oslo for the first time, the vibrant sound of South African electronic music keeping the rain at bay in our courtyard. Playing through his extensive record collection stretching from the late seventies to the early nineties, DJ Okapi played an enigmatic set of South African music, that few Western audiences would’ve ever heard in the club context, before.

You can stream the recorded set now and read a Q&A with the man in the booth here.