Osunlade – Live from Frædag

At this point Osunlade has accomplished everything there is to accomplish for a person working in music. A successful career as a producer in the majors, he followed it with a career in the underground echelons of House music with a debut LP that immediately installed him as one of the old masters of the genre.

A transient figure today, living between Santorini in Greece and St. Louis in the US, and always on the road towards the next destination on some endless tour, Osunlade is a hard man to pin down, but hopping between Europe and Japan, we welcomed the artist to our booth for a set in our basement as part of the Oslo World lineup and hit record on his mix.

It was all business for the DJ, with a two hour set destined for one place only… the dancer floor. DJing is “about making people dance and educating simultaneously” he told us in an accompanying interview, and this mix strays very little from the prevalence of the rhythm section, channeling some of that soul and funk of Osunlade’s own music through the sounds of House. Read the full interview with Osunlade here.