JM#003 – Charlotte

Charlotte Thorstvedt, the effortless purveyor of cool, and one of Norway’s finest DJs stepped into our booth on Sunday for the third edition of our Jæger Mix series. She brought with her a bag of psychedelically-laced micro House tracks that creaked at bowed the edges of convention. Picking through records from her current love of that “Romanian sound” she kept her finger on the pulse of club music throughout her set, giving Jæger a foretaste of the future and cementing her status as one Norway’s finest tastemakers in the DJ realm. Charlotte ventures into the shadowy corners of the micro House aesthetic with warped sonic palettes and elongated droning strings and pads, emphasising a mysterious foggy atmosphere in the music that eases you into the music. The listener is poured into this mix, which swirls and eddies around your ears and often ventures into surreal moments conspiring to the highlight around the 45 minute mark with Barac’s 490. The mix laid down a foundation for yet another memorable Sunday night at Jæger kicking off with the Jæger mix, one we’re not likely to forget very soon with this edition in our archives.