JM#006 – Vinny Villbass

It was something of a reunion in our sauna on Sunday when Coltsfoot handed over the controls to Vinny Villbass. The two Jæger stalwarts haven’t shared the spotlight in our courtyard for some time, and even though most of Europe’s eyes was on a ball and moth in France, the energy was palpable. As the first few bars of Arttu’s WD40 skipped across the platter, Vilbass’ intention was clear and the Oslo DJ continued on a path of jacking beats, restrained in the lower tempos and soulful vocal lines with a sonic palette that often fell into the deeper, reflective moods. Vinny Villbass continuously built on those elements through out the mix pushing the tempo and the energy up through the mix before handing it over to Det Gode Selskab later that evening, and ending his mix in obscure landscape of German Disco.