JM#007 – Bliss Industry

Some of the more astute amongst you might have noticed that our Jæger Mix with Patrick Isidore never saw the light of day on our blog. The Bliss Industry co-hort, who shares that moniker with harpist and multi-instrumentalist Lonnie Jordan, was a rare treat in Oslo thanks to Ivaylo’s deep connections, one we were highly eager to share with you. Isidore’s set had all the characteristics of a Jæger Mix, and shared some obvious parallels with resident and Jæger Mix facilitator Ivaylo, but alas our booth was plagued with gremlins rendering the recording unusable and almost completely destroyed. Not one to let a good thing go however Patrick avowed to take his revenge on those nasty gremlins, and when he returned home, he set about recapturing the set that had won over the folks attending in our courtyard on that Sunday, three weeks ago. Isidore’s set goes deep, but remains energetic with the bottom end and kick expressing some love for the dance floor and creating immense space amongst the minimalist elements conspiring through feeling. This Jæger Mix comes better late than never and we’re happy to be able to put it out there today as the seventh edition of our Jæger Mix.