JM#009 – Tod Louie & Solaris (DGS)

For the last edition of Jæger mix Det Gode Selskab’s Tod Louie and Solaris made an early appearance for their regular Sunday residency at Jæger to contribute to the mix series. They favour a more laid-back deeper sound on this mix, moving towards subtler territory, away from the hi-energy sets that they are known for and which light up our Sunday evenings at Jæger every week. Tod Louie and Solaris call on tracks like “Father of Birds” by Hopperider & Benno Blome, easing into a Sunday night through upbeat melodies and cascading textures that evoke a relaxed atmosphere through rhodes piano chords and unwinding pads. They venture into more dance floor territory towards the end of the mix, edging closer to the sound their Sunday night residency with “Fifth Street” by Delaville. Tod Louie and Solaris go back to back in this mix, one building on the other’s musical whims while staying grounded in a singular theme that speaks of Det Gode Selskab’s ability to bring together people through music.