JM#010 – Frederik Wærnes

Frederik Wærnes inaugurates the latest Jæger mix going from the Samba-inspired pop of Teu Sorriso to the sweet melodic of Portable, the musical tableau overarching various genres and styles and that’s only in the first two tracks. Wærnes doesn’t establishes anything that could be ascribed to a particular sound in this mix, preferring rather to relay a feeling – a peculiar early Sunday evening feeling, where we can get carried away on musical whims ranging from acid tinged Deep-House to the Disco-infused indie pop of Pional. His Jæger mix was a perfectly blank canvas from which Ivaylo, and later Det Gode Selskab and Vibekka Bruff, constructed one of the most enigmatic and memorable Sunday evenings at Jæger of the summer.