JM#011 – Kevin Fauske

With the water continuing to lash down our courtyard, Kevin Fauske stepped into our booth with the dramatic cinematic sound of Bjørn Torske’s “Fuglekongen” as a sort of anti-rain dance which did little to dispel the rain, but did put us all in a very optimistic mood. Fauske’s mix continued through elements of Disco and House with the distinct mood of cinematic soundtrack that acts like St. Germain use as the sonic template to weave a deeper sensual House sound. Expect loads of legato strings and slow-moving developing phrases offering extensive climaxes to the music’s plot-lines throughout this mix. It features tons of melodic charm, without losing focus of the dance floor and as the water continues to come down three days on from the recording of the mix, we find some salvation in Fauske’s rich musical embrace.