JM#012 – Brokesteady

Mandagsklubben residents, Brokesteady stepped up to the Jæger Mix last week, to showcase a bit of that eclectic talent that has been a part of Jæger since time immemorial – Mandagsklubben has existed as long as Jæger’s been open. For their mix they lounge in the deeper sensual corners of House, and for a group that can go from House to R&B and even Hip-Hop, these different elements often filter into their sound. Made up of André Bravo, Jeff Niels and Davidow Røsset, Brokesteady brings all these varied musical personalities together for this mix with an emphasis on the word deep, but without any strict borders to define it. Low slung BPM’s, legato Rhodes chords, strings and expressive bass movements that can go from House to Funk to some Latin percussive workout without missing a beat. While we’ve had Brokestready often feature individually on recorded mixes, we don’t often get a chance o hear them together on the recorded format and this mix once again showcases their eclectic personality as a group and why Monday nights at Jæger is such a popular haunt for many.