JM#014 – Arildo

Arildo was back in our booth over the weekend for the Bogota showcase, marking almost a year since his last foray at Jæger. Ivaylo managed to persuade the Oslo/Barcelona DJ to stay a day longer and got Arildo back in our sauna the very next day for the Jæger Mix.  As a result we get a little pick me up in the middle of the week and, for those that didn’t feel they can wait yet another year for the DJ’s a return, a little keepsake from the occasion. Arildo is that rare breed of DJ, that if you happened to catch him you never know what to expect. From House to Techno to library music nothing is taboo as long as it upholds Arildo’s necessity for the funk and the groove. He loves the deep end of any music favouring the emotive quality in a string or a pad, and for this mix he uses these elements in constructing the unmistakeable feeling of an early Sunday evening… or a Wednesday afternoon, come to think of it.