JM#016 – Ole Rønning

Ole Rønning’s features the first Reggae introduction to the Jæger Mix calling on a dub selection of sounds and colourful textural sonic palettes as he commences with his mix. He swifts effortlessly though elements of dub, Reggae, Techno, House and even Two Tone for the rest of the hour with sounds that call on the less-obvious proto-styles of all these genres. Rønning creates a kaleidoscope of different colours, shapes and sounds that call on disparate outlier sounds from regions outside of dance music. They come together as one from eclectic sources as a loquacious diorama of the dance floor from a diverse musical personality. This edition of the Jæger Mix yields a surprise around every corner, a soundtrack to some crime, horror, romantic-comedy fantasy and we just can’t get enough of it today.