JM#017 – Olefonken

Over the past few weeks we’ve become content again in the fact that a familiar face is appearing in Jæger’s booth. Olefonken is back ladies and gentlemen and after a short stint in London, during which time he released the amazing Quaaludes EP, he is back at Jæger assuming his residency amongst Celius, Oskar Pask and Ricky Late. To mark his return Ivaylo pushed him into the booth for the Æ mix and boy was it a welcomed sound. Olefonken’s charismatic diversity in the booth shines through yet again, calling on elements of Funk, Disco, House and Afrobeat, all tied together with the DJ’s distinguished ability to find a clear path from the past to the present. There’s a quirky charm to the personality behind the music and his selections, something universal that he expresses here through swing beats and beguiling melodies that conspire around low slung tempos for this particular mix. It’s a mix as easy as a Sunday morning… or a Wednesday afternoon and it will certainly keep us in good company until the next Æ mix comes comes to town.