JM#018 – Thorgerdur

Thorgerdur has been making waves in Oslo’s DJ community for a while now, and you might remember that you heard her here first. The classically trained pianist turned DJ featured in one of the very first recorded Te Dans mixes from last year alongside A:G and we knew then she’d return, a natural talent like hers could not be suppressed. For her edition of Æ mix, she basks in a minimal landscape, rooted in deep surging bass-lines, warm staccato chords, and thin pads eddying amongst reserved percussive elements. The individual tracks from other artists come together as something her own as they subtly push along some evocative stream, each track giving the next the space to breathe and avoiding the centre of attention in the context of the mix as Thorgerdur strings a narrative together between them from a Deep-House perspective.