JM#021 – Magnus International

Magnus International is always a joy to have in our booth. His amicable personality, charming demeanour, and sense of humour infects all those around him and it’s something that he wholly wholly communicates through his selections. Although no stranger to Jæger’s booth,  he obliged to put down this week’s Æ mix with a bag full of quirky records and a big smile on his face.

The crackling of a much-loved record; soulful vocals; and charming melodic refrains of mating apes, all add to Magnus International’s mystique and character on his edition of the Jæger mix. He opted to keep it slow, groovy and mischievous, with music that went from eighties funky saxophone jazz to synthesisers unravelling over afro-beats. This is probably also the first and only mix ever recorded where Boards of Canada, Chris Isaac and Soft Machine all feature without any hint of irony. Eccentric and playful, this set is Magnus International through and through and it has definitely put a smile on our faces today.