JM#023 – Celius

That last bastion of a Friday night at Jæger; the solid shoulders on which every weekend begins; and one Oslo’s most enigmatic DJ figures, Petter Celius is our guest for this week’s Jæger mix. By his own account a warm-up DJ, Celius has that most difficult task of setting the wheels of a party in motion, each and every weekend for Frædag. It’s a task he handles with the utmost skill and professionalism, digging for those obscure mood records; looking for those atmospheric moments that instil both a sense of ease and excitement, laying the groundwork for the night ahead; and finding those tracks that border the cafe setting and the dance floor.

You’ll often find Celius in the booth pre-set, listening to the records, both new and old, in preparation of the night ahead, picking over records like a researcher all in the effort of stringing them together for the purpose sharing them with a receptive audience. Celius’ episode of the Æmix puts this all into perspective, as a mix that continually builds from one moment to the next, catering to a relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on evolving and moving the night along. Celius’ tastes are broad and extroverted, moving from elements of spacey synth ambiences to dub to vocoder electro-pop without missing a beat. Celius, draws these elements together like a collage and in the space of an hour takes us through an immersive journey through the furthest reaches of electronic music and beyond.