JM#024 – Dalminjo

Stepping up to the Jæger mix this Sunday gone, Ole Granli adopts his Dalminjo alias for an hour of House music that traverses the expanse of the vast, minimalists soulful plains of the genre. Soft vocal features glide through airy chimes and sparkling pads with splashy percussion accompanying a two-step and four/four kick-snare rhythms.

Dalminjo’s career extends back to the days of Drum n Bass, before adopting the more lush soul-filling backdrop of House music’s more reserved tempos and tranquil expressions as Dalminjo. Within that sound palette his carved out a career that has seen him release two albums and found various commendations amongst dance music charts.

In his edition of Æ-mix he harnesses the sound that his cultivated in his productions through the records of others and brings them to life on the dance floor on their own terms, with a severe sense of calm underpinning the entirety of the mix. There’s an ease to the selections, one that can venture into the realms of Disco and Balearic without shaking the integral foundation of the episode. There is no exerted force behind the mix, and the tracks seem to pulling the DJ along tacitly toward some metaphysical destination, rather than the other way around.