JM#025 – g-Ha

Jæger wouldn’t be complete without g-Ha, and his unwavering musical presence ion our booth every week. A cornerstone for Jæger and Oslo’s clubbing community by large, g-Ha’s vast experience as a resident for Sunkissed and Frædag, is what defines the start of the weekend every week at Jæger. His signature sound crafted from the icy landscapes of a vast minimalists sound palette and micro House grooves, defies trends and defines a musical personality behind it.

In this episode of the Æmix however we see a side to g-Ha that we don’t often get to see as the Friday-headliner DJ assumes the opening slot for a Sunday evening. Hovering around lower tempos and featuring an eclecticism that moves freely outside of the borders of House and Techno, the mix paces through elements of deep House, Acid, dub and tribal, with g-Ha finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place as his years of experience tie a red thread through the vast expanse of electronic dance music.

The tracks intersect continuously, leaving one song on the cusp of the next at each turn with subtle changes creating a singular sonic blanket that extends throughout the entire mix as all for one and one for all come together in perfect g-Ha harmony.