JM#026 – Kava

Kava (aka Kim Sven) returns to Jæger’s booth for the Æmix. Kim, a regular face at Jæger, can often be found indulging in the sets of others on a Friday night and brings a deepness to his set for this mix that harks back to the digging associations of the blighted genre Deep House. He avoids stoic formulas in favour for something more eclectic, where melody and harmony float more freely amongst the humanised forms of percussion and the old bounce off the new, stringing an eloquent new musical narrative together through the DJ.

Kava brings poise and calm to his Æmix, not allowing the music to get away from him in his efforts to instil a particular mood in his music. Kava creates a relaxed atmosphere in the lower regions of House music’s tempos, viscous bass-lines and deep melodies, which comes across through in the recorded format too.