JM#028 – Sondre Kveldsvik

Easing us into 2017 for the Jæger mix is Sondre Kveldsvik, who kicks off his mix in the syncopated beats of Disco. Melodic bass-lines, padded by strings and the odd guitar lick bring an upbeat optimism to the mix through the instrumental charm of Disco’s more electronic voices. Kveldsvik digs deep through the less-obvious corners of dance music in a year that has been dominated with Deep House, to create something succinct in the mix, while keeping it very accessible to the layman on the floor.

There’s something familiar to the mix, even if you’ve never heard any of the tracks and it makes for something approachable. From the synthetic pop structures of Tornado Wallace to the R&B vocal charm of Isabella Antena, this mix oozes tons of personality and falls delicately on the ear. It engages with the listener on a personal level, and although there’s room to dance, the mix is incredibly affective in the context of this recording.