JM#030 – Jonas Wiik

Jonas Wiik one of the two people behind Lot Lot and Jacks Kantine, came down to our basement to lay down a Jæger mix this last Sunday. The DJ and club promotor who proliferates the very capricious corners of club music has brought some of the more idiosyncratic DJs to Oslo through his events and favours a more leftfield approach to the music he books and plays.

It’s something he relays in his edition of the Æmix in quirky electronic components that mesh awkwardly around 4/4 beats. Disparate elements of House, Techno and even Afrobeat conspire to deliver music on the fringes of cool. Wiik keeps the tempos at a relaxed pace, focussing on slow jacking beats with pads, strings and vocals preferring legato expressions, creating dense murky atmospheres for your ears to swim through. The mix is laced with enticing elements of engagement like an odd melodic phrase or a pitched metallic anomaly, adding a lot of character to the functional beat tracks.

And if you want to hear more from Jonas Wiik, you can check him out at his regular Jacks Kantine events and its Soundcloud page.