JM#032 – Joystick Jay

Jonas Wasa’s Joystick Jay moniker has on more than one occasion lit up our dance floors at Jæger. Whether he’s there in the capacity of a Hubba Bubba event, hanging out with his Skranglejazz compatriots or setting the tone for a RETRO night, a Joystick Jay set never makes for a dull moment and that’s exactly what happened too when he came to lay down a recorded set for this week’s Æmix session.

Comprised exclusively of his own productions this set cuts deep, with grooving bass-lines contrapuntal percussion and tones that sway in the tepid tempos of House music. Cool, expressive stabs at a Fender Rhodes piano cutting through the din of warm textures and figure bass movements bring Joystick Jay’s personal musical voice to the fore, making for a very unique experience in the Jæger mix series. the mix bounds with the charm of Jonas’ character and ses a very concise tone for the hour-long session.

It’s reserved, laid back and immersive, a delicate atmosphere of some eccentrically varied musical elements with a distinct Joystick Jay quality tying it all together.