JM#033 – Hans Hug

Appearing out of the foggy textures of trumpet, electronics, and an evocative German female vocal enchantment, arrives Hans Hug’s contribution to the Æmix series with some provocative allure. It sucks you into a mix where soft harmonic atmospheres play amongst amongst lethargic percussive evocations, calling on elements of Jazz, Afro and abstract electronica.

Hans Hug is no stranger to the booth at Jæger, falling somewhere between the eclecticism of Øyvind Morken and the soulful disposition of Mutual Intentions, with his sets always coming as a welcome surprise whenever he joins us. Hans Hug finds an esoteric voice amongst these disparate elements for this mix, forging elements together to create something quite familiar out of these strange musical landscapes. Tying a red-thread from start to finish, Hug’s edition of the Æmix takes us on a journey through the road less travelled.