JM#034 – diskJokke

It’s with some comfort and sense of order to the world that we have diskJokke back in our booth and as our next guest in the Æmix series. The Smalltown Supersound affiliate producer and DJ had been on something of an hiatus, with only a regular residency at the Villa, since the release of his “Now Dance” single in 2012, and although we can’t quite call this a comeback, since he never really left, it is good to hear more of diskJokke in the booth.

His Æmix contribution comes shortly after his appearance at the CTM festival and Panorama bar, where he played amongst other Norwegian luminaries such as Bjørn Torske and Charlotte Bendiks. His Jæger mix sees him traversing deep trenches of rolling bass lines, legato textures and reserved tempos to create something on the border of a listening mix and a soundtrack to the dance floor. Sporadic staccato percussive rhythms and rubbery bass lines lay the foundation for densely orchestrated electronic tracks  with claims in House and Disco.

The tracks fall easily on the ear and diskJokke finds some stark, uneasy spaces between various tracks, often creating that elusive third track as he goes from region of music to the next. There’s a peculiarity in the mix which borders on the surreal or the psychedelic with acid squeaks from a 303 intertwining with things like gamelans to create Mark Escher like staircases into various corners of the subconscious, something you can’t escape as you listen back to the mix on a Wednesday afternoon. In a mere hour diskJokke re-establishes that prowess of his strong, individual artistic voice through the music of others.