JM#038 – DJ Sin

An inconspicuous lo-fi kick-snare sneaks up on the listener. locked in a groove like a time bomb waiting to go off, its sound is reminiscent of the eighties.  Sinisa Spasojevic, who simply goes by the DJ moniker Sin both in the booth and beyond it took the reigns of the Jæger Mix this week, and set the tone with an obscure  synth-wave track that would eventually modulate into nu-groove and lo-fi disco records from the likes of Danielle Baldelli and Red Axes. Favouring the eccentric over the functional, DJ Sin’s set is an enigmatic collection of songs, that come together to illuminate the dance floor through Sin’s up-beat and eclectic sound.

A Serbian native, who has been a lynchpin figure in Oslo’s DJ and arts circuit for some years now, DJ sin is no stranger to Jæger and his knowledge of what works on its dance floors come to the fore in his mix. His curious musical personality keeps him digging further towards the back, where unidentified gems lurk. A few of those make it into this mix, where they exist in a dimension beyond track i.d’s for only a brief moment in time, before they are consumed by the mix and now intrinsically become a part of DJ Sin’s musical identity. These tracks are now timeless and a chapter of the bigger story that is this week’s episode of the Jæger mix.