JM#040 – Alex Jangle

Featuring on a double bill this past Sunday, Alex Jangle took on an episode of the Æmix before joining Det Gode Selskab and the guys, who took us into the early hours of the morning. Jangle’s Æmix starts in the reserved tempos of an early Sunday evening, opting for a sound that combines deep chords, quirky electronic instrumentals and percussive rhythms that shuffle through bars at a leisurely gate. Jangle’s selection reflects an experimentalist aptitude, where break beats live amongst alien sonic textures in expansive digital microcosms.

With music from the likes of Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada Jangle creates a listening mix that lures the listener to otherworldly science fictional dimensions, where the music performs in its natural habitat. The crisp clicks of electronic machines expand in icy reverbs and delays to create entire sonic worlds for pure escapism, and in the context of the mix these tracks combine to form a completed universe, where these tracks emphasise and reflect on their individual charm amongst similar tracks and makes for a very expressive set from Alex Jangle.