JM#041 – Mannex

Crawling out from the miasmic pool of creation at a leisurely pace through a low dub-bass swell and legato pads, the latest Æmix from Mannex comes in its own through syncopated hats, 808 kicks and sonic signature created in the void of space. Between the warm lower frequencies and the luminescent glow of its higher echelons, which seem to be following their own indeterminate destination, a vacuous volume exists that leaves a handsome expanse. It’s where the tracks find a congruity with one another and its listeners as they progress from one moment to the next, picking up on a new energy  and travel further away from that initial moment of conception.

By the time the mix gets to Ben Rau’s remix of Moonlit Vision, its taken on a new life with extensive additions to the percussion allowing the tracks to dictate a new pace and energy. The sonic atmosphere still however moves at a glacial rate giving parts enough time to ingrain themselves in the listener’s conscious through repetition and evocative airy lines. It goes post-primal, but the distinct 808 kick remains a constant anchor to the dance floor as Mannex teases the opening to a later set in the last few tracks of his edition to the Jæger Mix series.