JM#063 – Fardin

Delicate soulful vocals lure this mix out of his slumber. Bucie’s “Get Over It” sets a tone for a seductive tone from Fardin in this week’s edition of the Æmix. Built on a foundation of House, Fardin’s mix lends from Jazz, R&B, Soul and Latin influences to make for a rousing selection. Melodic and imbibed with a Latin rhythmical fever, Fardin’s mix seizes on that contrapuntal percussive characteristic, lacing itself through the four on the floor House foundation embed’s in the pulse of a packed dance floor.

The veteran Oslo DJ displays a kind of idiosyncratic style in the booth, and his selections filter into the next with effective ease as he finds a bongo, hi-hat or kick, to string a narrative along. In the course of his mix Fardin establishes a singular sound in the booth. Where House music encounters a world flavour Fardin’s mix lives in a very colourful collage all its own.