JM#093 – Ivaylo

Ivaylo stepped up to Jæger mix this week after Kristoffer Tellstroem had to reschedule due to illness. Working on a variety of projects over a few seminal labels this year, Ivaylo has embarked on a new phase of his career. Retaining that deep atmosphere he’s become known for over the years, a sneak peak at some of these tracks, reveal a more club-based sound that we’re very excited about hearing in the future.

Back to the Æmix…

Ivaylo launches straight into a kind of musical serenity in this week’s mix. Playing in afro rhythms and moving into elements of Jazz and Funk, Ivaylo’s Æmix plays with mood in our courtyard on a sunny evening. Extemporised keys and reticent bass guitars retain Ivaylo’s love for the deep, while synthesisers and electronic beats offer a connection to the dance floor. Yes it’s got a beat and you can still dance to it, but it also offers repose and somethign cognitive under these warm sunny skies on a Wednesday morning.

It’s a very different mix to Ivaylo’s P3 mix from Monday, where we heard a more familiar club sound from the DJ,  and adds yet another dimension to Ivaylo’s ever-expanding sound palette. Ivaylo returns this week for another Æmix with Marius Circus as this week’s guest.