JM#101 – Tellstroem

The last time Kristoffer Tellstroem (or just Tellstroem if you prefer) came down to the Jæger mix he took us on a nostalgic trip through the melodic sounds of 1990’s Techno. The Swedish via Oslo DJ is hardly one to do anything in half measures and every time he appears in Jæger’s booth there’s sure to be a particular theme or mood that echoes consistently through his selections.

A zealous music enthusiast, Tellstroem is always on hand with some unique record or exotic obscurity to tantalise a variety of tastes and pleasures on the dance floor. For this edition of the Jæger mix he turns in a “mix of 70s and 80s, Reggae, Bubbelgum pop and some Rapso” with a festive flair flowing through the mix.

Combining soca rhythms, synthesisers, dub bass-lines, and any means of percussion, Tellstroem takes his audience from Cape to Cuba and from Cuba to the Caribbean, through the cracks and crevasses of these very unique records. The DJ keeps us engaged with vocal-led performances and pop-arrangements, but leaves room for those quirky, exotic elements to come to the fore too.

Tracks like Bennis Cletin’s Jungle Magic with its traces of Donna Summer and Stevie Wonder stick with you some time after the mix to make a lasting impression alongside the other tracks on this mix. There’s an accessibility to this mix without sacrificing quality that will speak to most people, even if this is your first contact with this kind of music.

Kristoffer Tellstroem is also a fixture in the Oslo and Stockholm DJ circuit today, with fingers in many musical pies across these two cities. He’s back in Oslo again after a short stint in Stockholm and while we listen to his Jæger mix we caught up with him over email.

Welcome back Kristoffer. You’ve been notably absent in Oslo over the last year. What have been some musical highlights for the past year?

For sure. The War On Drugs’ ‎latest album A Deeper Understanding, it’s been on repeat since August, and Fredfades mix for MCDE was pure genius.


You were in Stockhölm for a bit. What’s currently happening there in music that has piqued your interest?

Lyke Li’s younger brother started this solo projekt called Vacation Forever that I like a lot, and a friend of mine, Sebastian Gudding started a new record label called Bigger District that I have high hopes for.  They released some real solid EPs, plus it’s hard not to love Gudding’s personality, he’s dope on so many levels. My tip; become friends with Gudding, he’s dope.

I believe you’re splitting your time between here and there over the summer for a new club night. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Half-half, I did some bookings for a new venue in Stockholm, I had the chance to book some of my favourite DJ’s.

Jaeger also had a night there. How did that go and will we be going back there in the near future?

It always goes well when I invite people from Jaeger. I’ve had people over to Stockholm a couple of times; the first time I think was back in 2011 when I booked Oyvind Morken, Gaute Haaversen, Soulbase, and Vinny Villbass for a massive new years party. 2500 guests that night was dope.

After that I just kept on bringing the Oslo crew to Stockholm. I brought over the Fantastiske To, Rave Enka, Daniel Gude, Rulefinn, Kisitne Prestegaard, etc etc etc…

Oslo has so many dope DJs that I feel Stockholm is missing out on, and same the other way around, so I’ve worked on getting Stockholm DJs to Oslo too. I’ve booked fantastic DJs like Pistol Pete, Omar Santis, Sebastian Gudding, Niklas Paus, Anders Åkergren, Miki Grujovic, Svenska Disco Kyrkan, Jesper Dahlbäck… So shout out to all bookers in Oslo – Hit me up with some slots so we can keep on bringing Stockholms finest DJs to Oslo.

Your always finding records in bargain bins. What are some of your latest acquisitions you’re looking forward to sharing with us?

Hard question, I spend a lot of time trying to find new music, both for home listening and DJing, but maybe Josef K ‎– Sorry For Laughing. I love that album and it was only 10 sek vg+, its not an expensive album and fairly easy to get on Discogs, but finding stuff in stores gives more value I feel, Discogs feels like  cheating =) but it’s also time saving, so I use it more than I should.

Tell us a bit about your Jæger mix.

It’s a collection of records mainly found in Cape Town, and some from Oslo and Stockholm.  It’s not really a mix, just good traxx. Initially I wanted to talk between the tracks, about some of them, but fuck it – It’s a fine balance of being interested in music and wanting to share it, and being full of yourself.

I did not make the tracks, and some people might have been playing these tracks for years, but music is a personal voyage for me, and I really don’t care what other collectors think, or other DJs for that sake.  

So basically, either you like the mix or you don’t. If you like it I’m happy, if you don’t I couldn’t care less. All the music I buy gets approved by my daughter before I play it out, nuff said.

The last time you had one you did a nineties Techno mix for the series. What era, genre, style or sound are you bringing across on this one?

It’s a mix of 70s and 80s, Reggae, Bubbelgum pop and some Rapso.

Lastly, what lies just over the horizon for Tellstroem?

I have some ideas I’m working on, hopefully it turns into something good =)