KSMISK were back at Jæger this week, but it was not in the role you’d expect. The production alter-ego and  from Oslo stalwarts, Trulz and Robin, is a studio and live project, but this past Sunday they stepped into the booth in Jæger’s courtyard to lay down a DJ mix for the Jæger mix series.

It’s a mix that moves from beguiling atmospheres to abstract noise, sculpting a narrative from the chasm of primordial impulses to the sublime as it paces through the hour. There’s a stark, intimidating overtone that  embraces the outer fringes of the lattice like percussive movements of acts like Psyk and Antigone, finding some common trope between the selections and the atmospheric sounds of KSMISK.

The mix follows the release of their much-anticipated LP, Mikrometeorittene on PLOINK and an upcoming live show at Sommerøya where Trulz and Robin will be re-united on stage as a duo. You can find out more about the group in our interview with them from earlier this year, and you can read the follow up to that interview down below, where there’s talk of a new album, Surgeon, silence and cheap records.

“Come dance with us.”

Hello KSMISK. What’s been the musical highlight for you, since releasing the debut album?

We played a while back at the Ploink night at Jæger with Thomas, Christian tilt And Kahun which was really amazing and great sounding great crowd.
When we interviewed you earlier this year, you mentioned there was so much music still to come. Is there anything that you can share with us right now at this moment?
We already got a new album on the run that will probably be released in the end of the year
One thing we never got to ask through that Interview is; Why the name KSMISK?
Ksmisk has so many meanings it can be floating out there in the universe or down in the deep sea 
but,  it first came to us when we were on myspace. You could probably go on myspace and look up Ksmisk and you would find some old unreleased tracks there.

One thing we got from that interview: You’re playing on the same stage as Surgeon for Sommerøya, something we know you’re looking forward to, completing a circle for the KSMISK project. What was it about that sound that stuck with you through all these years?

Surgeon has always been a inspiration for us not only for his off-beat Techno but also for his coolness and good looks. We are very much looking forward to playing at the same festival the Surgeon and hope to meet him.

What are you brining across in this Æmix set tonight?

Only good music .
Describe the mood of this Æmix in three words.
In through out.
Is there a record in the mix that sums it all up for you?

It’s the cheap record: Keimola ep

I know KSMISK is a very organic, hands-on, analogue project. What are the machines and the instruments that have made the most significant impact on the KSMISK sound?

Thermionic culture vulture

A lot of early Techno producers were inspired by sci-fi. What is currently inspiring KSMISK outside of music?

Dogs and biking at night, silence.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Come dance with us.