JM#118 – Joystick Jay

Joystick Jay (Jonas Wasa) is a solo act and a member of the Oslo super group hubbububbaklubb. Instrumental in getting the first single Mopedbart on Andy Webb’s  Death Strobe records after releasing a fair amount of Disco edits as Joystick Jay on the sister label, Disco Delicious, Wasa set the band on a path that would inevitably lead – although with some delay – to their debut LP drømmen drømmerne drømmer.

A solo artist, a member of one of the most successful bands to ever come out of Norway and more recently also an emerging visual artist, Joystick Jay is a restless creative entity and he’s back this week at the Jæger mix.

On the last occasion, some hundred mixes south of this one, Wasa prepared us a mix solely comprised of his own productions and this time around he promises, something “way better” than the last. With his own music still making quite a significant portion of the mix, Wasa takes us on a promiscuous journey through the dense tapestry of his musical artistry.

Traversing plains between Acid, House and even Techno like stepping through portholes through musical dimensions, Joystick Jay takes us on mind-melding trip through the musical pandoras box that is his mind. Disco samples coming together like random collisions in a cloud of static fuse fuse with ambient atmospheric textures to in a psychedelic musical narrative which includes everything from classical piano overtures to Britney Spears.

In the accompanying Q&A Jonas talks to us about the hubbabubbaklubb LP, his visual works and his relationship with Mopedbart today.

Hey Jonas. First off, congratulations on the hubbabubbaklubb LP. We’re really enjoying the LP. How do you feel about it now that it’s finally out?

Yeah it definitely took a while, but I’m very pleased with the result. Big up to Olefonken to for tedious work, trying to connect these ends. Many of the songs were recorded more or less in a fog of weed and alcohol, so we were very sloppy at times. Hard work and coffee made it work out in the end.

I spoke to Ollis and Morten about the LP at length in an interview that’s coming out soon, but what were some of your highlights from making the album?

Hmmm this is a good question. I guess some of the sessions at Pål’s parents place at Bjørnegård, were the most productive. Also some trips to Sweden, trying to focus with Morten and Ollis were super nice. Once we get into this mode, we make great food, drink some beers, and work towards a common goal.

I believe Mopedbart still divides opinion in the band, as to whether you should’ve included it or not. What are your thoughts and that track in the context of the album?

I’m so fucking tired of that song :)

You were instrumental in getting that track on Death Strobe through your solo edits and your connection to Andy Webb. What do you think you bring to hubbabubbaklubb that’s the vital essence of Joystick Jay too?

I would consider myself a bit more on the darker side. Both music wise, but also in life in general. A little bit of weirdness, many late nights and a good dose of perfectly tuned and Eq’d kickdrums. Hahaha now I sound like a brat, but I guess it is impossible to answer this question, because the album was a very collaborative process.

You also recently held an exhibition of your visual works, and you were responsible, of course for the inner sleeve of drømmen drømmerne drømmer. How does music and the visual aspects of your creativity affect and influence each other?

They go hand in hand and inform each other. For me it goes in periods, were I paint for some months, den I get an urge to make music. Å sånn går no daga’n :)

Let’s get into your Jæger mix. Give us an introduction to your mix.

A lot of unreleased stuff from myself. Some of my biggest inspirations like Pepe Braddock. Also some tracks my friend Fabian Bruhn from Gøtenborg (Aniara records) sent me on my birthday

This is your second appearance on the mix series. How does one differ from the last time?

This time was way better in my opinion

Besides this mix of course, what is happening on the Joystick Jay front that we should know about?

Well, time will show.

Ok we’ll let you get back to it, but one last thing. What, in your opinion is the dream that dreamers dream?

It’s a dream.