JM#125 – Remii

Remii is a versatile figure in the Oslo DJ scene. He can go from the serious context of a club situation like Jæger to the more commercially orientated places, without swapping out much in his record bag. As a producer, his edits of millenial Pop and R&B, bridge that gap between a guilty pleasure and the serious dance floor. It’s fun, but it’s always serious fun.

For his edition of the Jæger mix and his first appearance on the mix series, Remii channels this philosophy into the DJ mix with a selection of classic House cuts combined with some unique Remii edits. An edit of 2 Chainz’ 4AM and the titillating House of Brett Johnson’s, Mr “Johnson’s talking now” finds a congruous space in Remii’s Jæger mix.

“This is a house set, with typical house material that I grew up with,” says Remii of this Jæger mix, and through his selections he relays an upbeat energy, where a vocal is always just around the corner to offer something familiar to complement the wavering 4-4 beats and breaks. There’s an immediacy that sucks the listener in and from one track to the next, it keeps building on the energy of the dance floor. There’s nothing pretentious here.

The last time we had Remii on the blog, it was shortly after the release of his remix of El Hermano by Carloscres where we talked at length about his edits and his work in the studio. On his debut for the Jæger mix, we get the chance to enquire about the other side of this musical personality, the one that lives and works in the booth.

When we interviewed you last time, we talked about your musical experience in terms of production. But what inspired you take up DJing?

I love to see people dance and have a good time, nevermind genres, whatever makes em move.

How do your sets relate to your productions and how do they differ?

I would say that you can hear that I grew up with hip hop, r&b, funk, disco, house and other sorts of urban music. It’s all about that vibe, the same reflects in the stuff I produce.

What do you look for in music as a DJ?

Anything that gives me goosebumps.

What do you consider your role as DJ should be?

Set the mood right, and make the listeners groove to it.

How do you approach a recorded set differently from what you would do in a club situation?

Depending on the venue im playing. If I play at cheesies places I play cheese. If I play at jaeger I play House or other electronic stuff, with a little cheese in it.

What do you hope your Æmix relays to the listener?

I hope they feel it!

You keep putting out those edits you’re known for. What do you enjoy about taking pop tracks like that and re-interpreting in the way that you do?

It’s more for the fun of it; nothing serious, plus that I can play them at commercial venues.

What do you look for in those kinds of tracks?

It’s a guilty pleasure in some kind of way.

Last year you featured on Bogota records release with a remix of El Hermano by Carloscres. Is there any original material planned soon?

Yeah, it’s gonna be out in March. A future funk EP named Late Night Cruisin, including a groovy remix by Ivaylo.

And what else lies on the horizon for you musically?

Keep it goin!