JM#129 – Karl Fraunhofer

Karl Fraunhofer is back at the Jæger Mix. A regular fixture in our booth, we haven’t seen the chameleon producer DJ, since the release of Nese on Det Gode Seslkab’s label. He, together with DGS mainstays Tod Louie and Solaris, provided the club-Tech remix of the title track which called in the next phase of Det Gode Selskab collective, as a record label.

Between the release of the EP, playing live, his day job, and his continuous work in the studio, Karl Fraunhofer spends all his time on music. I mean… his hobby is fixing old broken synths. He’s amassed quite a collection of vintage pieces in his own studio and his musical output covers everything from eighties-inspired synth music to white-knuckled Techno.

He’s been called the synth wizard in the past due to his innate report with these alien machines, but he’s also a wizard in the booth and has set Jæger’s dance floor alight on many occasions. Last time he was at Jæger mix he took us on journey through what he called a selection of “Satandisco”, but on this occasion he cultivates a “minimal and techy vibe” for us.

*You can read an extensive interview with Karl here.
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Hey Karl. Welcome back to the Æmix. You split your musical output between Techno to House to Synth music. What part of your eclectic musical personality is responsible for this mi
This time it’s House/minimal.
What artists, genres, or labels might influence the way the mix goes on this occasion?
At the moment there are many labels and artists to name, but one influential label and artist I can mention is Kepler, Entity rec.
How is it different from the last time? 
Well, we all evolve don’t we?
This time I am aiming for more minimal and techy vibe, quite different from last time.
What have been some of your personal musical highlights since the last time you played the Jæger mix?
The biggest highlight is working with the Det Gode Selskab label and moving into a new bigger studio and of course more gigs.
We noticed that you were selling a lot of your synths recently. Making room for more?

Yes, getting in some new gear and cleaning it up a bit. At the moment I’m living in spaghetti cable hell in the studio, so I am cleaning up. But I made a final decision on keeping my synths and getting a rackmount SSL mixer to save space.

I know you’re a big fan of the 303, but is there any other piece of equipment that’s fundamental to your work, and something you can’t ever see yourself parting with?

My Oberheim matrix 12 and my 909 of course hehe.

You mentioned the last Det Gode Selskab release and there are some rumours that you’re working on an original follow-up. Can you tell us a bit more?

Currently working on a EP with Chris Solaris and a Solo EP. But I tend to keep this a bit secret until the records are out. I’ll make sure you guys get your copies.

What else is happening on the production side for you?
There is remix coming up for Of Norway and an EP with Skatebård on Ploink. Just stay tuned, lots of cool things happening this summer.