JM#131 – Tellstroem

Our first guest to feature a third time on the Jæger mix is Tellstroem. In his first two appearances, the Swedish via Oslo DJ took us down two very different musical journeys with specific themes behind each mix. While his first mix was largely composed of melodic nineties Techno, his second mix featured eighties bubblegum synth music.

On this most recent edition of the Jaeger mix, he’s gone a completely different route and forewent the theme altogether. Armed with a heady mix of acid, deep-house and even some Techno, Tellstroem put his selection together on this occasion with the focus on energy. Deeper elements and slower tempos anchor the sound of the mix in the realm of the early evening, but lysergic movements bring a confrontational edge, with Tellstroem’s Jaeger mix proclaiming, “get up and dance!”

It seems third time is yet another charm for Tellstroem, so we shot him over some questions to ask what exactly the secret is to a good Jaeger mix and more…

You’re the first Jaeger mix guest to feature on the mix series three times. You must feel really at home there now. What have you realised is the essential ingredient to make a Jaeger mix work?

No clue. 

Since it’s a live, recorded mix and most people tend to listen to it out of the original context, how do you approach it to make it work on the day and still be a something to listen to after-the-fact?

To answer the question before an this one, don’t really plan or think that much about it. I just kinda decided what kinda mix a want to make, and I bring  a lot of tracks, and I just go with what I feel like. I never plan what order or what tracks to play in advance.

Every time you come you bring a theme to your mix. Last time it was bubblegum / 80’s synth and the time before that it was 90’s techno. What’s the theme of this week’s mix?

No theme at all this time, =) Just some house and techno trax, both  old and new. I sorted out maybe 50-60 tracks I like, and kinda just payed some of them. I decided maybe 20 minutes before what I would play, it was between this set, and a reggae/dub set. 

What are some of your favourite picks out of this selection?

Marco Shuttle-Tommo, NGLY – 5674,  Greg Beato – Haunting. 

You have quite a wide range as a DJ; every time I’ve heard you play there’s something different being projected on the dance floor. What do you think are the crucial elements to a Tellstroem set, and what do you look for in music you play to bring this across?

I would say energy. I look for a certain kind of energy and O kinda just go with the philosophy… if it feels right, hahahaha,

As a DJ working around Oslo, do you feel you have to be this versatile to make a dance floor work and why do you think that is?

Dunno, I’ve seen DJ’s in Oslo playing really “flat”, one sided sets, and still maintaining a good floor,  playing this way just fits me better..

You’ve always got your fingers in a few musical pies. Besides DJing, what else are you currently working on in terms of music?

Yes, there’s some plans, but early stage plans=)

Will there be a fourth appearance on the Jæger mix series, and if you could make a prediction what do you think you’ll be digging in the not-so-distant future?

To make it short, I’ve always listened- and bought a lot of reggae and dub, and just started buying and looking for it again, so yeah, their will probably be a couple of reggae mixes posted in the near future.