JM#134 – Ivaylo

Jaeger Mix boss, Ivaylo steps out of the shadows and into the booth for this week’s edition of the Jaeger mix, making his first recorded appearance on the series since we reached the triple digits. Indulging an exotic charm for the first half of the mix, Ivaylo sets a seductive mood, with synthetic, plucked strings, meandering chugging beats and alien textures pulsing around reserved tempos luring its audience to an incipient dance floor.

With elements of Jazz, finding equal footing with progressive electronica and House music, Ivaylo’s mix paints with a broad brush, while the Bulgarian DJ keeps true to his deep roots, as the last of the Deep House soldiers. There’s a lot forthcoming on the Bogota Records head and Jaeger resident’s musical radar, with releases on Cassy’s Kwench and Full Pupp and rumours of an album, being broadcast around the water cooler.

Look out for an in-depth interview with Ivaylo coming later this year about all of this, meanwhile enjoy this latest Jaeger Mix.