JM#147 – Olle Abstract

If anybody would know the definition of Funk, it would be Olle Abstract. He’s been a fundamental force in Oslo’s DJ and House community, and has been a stalwart supporter of the scene throughout his career in Radio and behind the booth. He’s been a dominant figure for House in Norway, from his legendary events at Skansen, to his more recent work behind the LYD podcast and events concept at Jaeger.  A larger than life character both in person and in the booth, Olle Abstract always leaves a severe impression whenever you encounter him.

Today he’s a Jaeger resident, but his dance card is always full and as a DJ he can go everywhere from underground Techno to chart music, depending on the context. Whenever he’s in the booth on a Saturday for LYD, he can effortlessly bridge that gap between the mainstream and the more obscure, functional corners of House music, between his bookings and his sets.

He joins Ivaylo for the third time as our esteemed Jaeger mix guest on this occasion. The last time he was with us he indulged the Sunday mood in our basement with a tempered ambient listening set, but on this edition of the mix series, he turns the heat up and takes us on an energetic journey through classic- and modern House music. With the sun hanging in the air till well after his mix, Olle played to the summer vibe, and catered towards those first hesitant steps towards the dance floor

Playing his way from Masters at Work’s “The Time Is Now” all the way to the “Pleasure Dome” and Frankie goes to Hollywood, Olle Abstract keeps it strictly House, staying  funky and soulful for the duration of the mix. Gospel vocals, deep grooves and hi-energy beats illicit a toe-tapping response in Abstract’s latest mix, a complete contrast from the last mix, playing to the summer mood in our courtyard.