JM#160 – Ivaylo

Jaeger resident, Bogota Records boss and Full Pupp affiliate, Ivaylo is not somebody that beats around the bush. When Espen Haa had to re-schedule his Jæger mix debut at the last minute, Ivaylo merely stepped up, filling the spot that extended into his own set for two hours of music from the Bulgarian-Oslo DJ.

Ivaylo makes his intentions clear  with hardly a bar before a 4-4 kick swings into action, where it stays for the duration of the mix, building energy slowly to entice the intimate audience onto the dance floor. Always one to imprint his destinctive sound on a the mix, Ivaylo keeps things deep, with impressionable keys grounding the sparkling hats fluttering around the precipice of tracks.

Ivaylo always brings a big selection of his own edits to the booth and this mix is no different as he conjures the similar sounds to his productions, not including his own releases, which also make an appearance on the mix. Recent releases on Full Pupp, Kwench and his Bogota records has kept the producer and DJ busy in 2019 and with rumours of an LP coming soon, finds Ivaylo in a creative stride.

You can read an extensive interview with Ivaylo here, while you dive into this latest edition of the Jaeger mix.