JM#168 – Philip Hinz

Broken beats and diva vocals great us on the latest edition of the Jaeger mix with Philip Hinz representing Det Gode Selskab in our booth again last Sunday. The resident brought his usual impulsiveness to the dance floor with a set that built on the energy of an earlier set at Villa the preceding Friday. Bridging the gap over the weekend, Philip takes his set from the high-energy house of the first track to the deeper corners of the dance floor with low slung bass grooves and effervescent synths plotting a course from the earliest regions of House to the contemporary successors.

It was the first time back for Philip since Det Gode Selskab brought their weekly Sunday residencies to an end at Jaeger, and the Dj slipped right back into old habits, setting the tone for the evening ahead like he’s done so many times before on Sundays at Jaeger. With Det Gode Selskab going from events to label in 2019, Philip has maintained his position in the collective, dedicating all his efforts to Djing and digging for new sounds. This mix finds Philip digging through “groovy minimal house” for an hour, laying the foundation for the night ahead. 

Hey Philip.  Welcome back to the Jaeger Mix. What have been some of your musical highlights since the last time you played?

Thank you sir. I had a really nice session at the Villa two days before this mix, on the Friday with Chris and Terje from Det Gode Selskab. Two hours warm up, although I hadn’t been on the decks for some time, it went smooth as a rocket. The crowd responded well and they got out the best in me. Felt very good!

You’ve moved on from doing Sundays at Jaeger. What do you have in the pipeline for the future?

Yes, it went fast.. Bit sad actually.. But who knows? Maybe I will return in some way soon ;) I don’t really know about the pipeline yet. I dream about gigs all the time. I do feel I can bring a lot to the dance floor at the moment.

You’re still a pivotal figure at Det Gode Selskab, and while your cohorts have focussed on making music and releasing records, you’ve been content on a career in DJing. What is it about DJing that keeps you motivated and inspired?

Yes that’s true, Det Gode Selskab Is growing on all fronts now. Im very proud and happy about that. I feel the DJing career has grown with my years of experience. The older I get, the more I feel clear what it’s all about. The music and the digging shapes you as the time goes by, and also playing for a crowd.

What are you digging in terms of music lately?

I’ve been digging around the minimal sound. Groovy minimal house. But also finding a lot of nice techno.

And how is that reflected in this mix?

I think you can hear some groovy minimal in the mix, And also some techno sounds ;)

It’s your second appearance on the Jaeger mix series. How is this one different from the last?

Maybe It’s a bit more forward, for the dance floor.

Your mixing style is always impulse-driven as you mentioned in the last session. But this is quite a unique setting as this is recorded in the context of live club event. How does that influence your approach?

As you say. Impulsive. You feel the environment.

How do you generally prepare for your mixes?

Never really prepare.. But I have a listen and look for a few tracks that I would like to play in the mix.

And what’s happening immediately beyond this mix in the world of Philip Hinz?

Nothing much actually. Trying to make a few tracks on the home front,

Let’s see what happens.