JM#169 – Dirty Hans

Travelling the globe on saucers made of wax, Dirty Hans arrived at the Jaeger Mix with a bag full of musical curiosities. The Mutual Intentions affiliate and Touchdown mainstay, brought the usual blend exotic and unique sounds of his record collection to Jaeger’s living room last Sunday to make his debut for the Jaeger Mix series. Armed with a stack of records that dominate those undefined regions between Soul, Boogie, Disco, and Funk with a flair for the eccentric, Dirty Hans brought some pretty unique records to this week’s Jaeger mix.

Dirty Hans has been a resolute force in the DJ community in Oslo, maintaining his unique vision of the dance floor from the perspective of the DJ booth. While his peers moved into production and  contributing their own musical voices to the fray, Hans has been unwavering in his quest to honour those hidden and forgotten gems through sets like this Jaeger Mix edition. These are the records that got lost in the hype of their times, only to come back today through a DJ like Hans to appreciate in a new light.