JM#177 – Olav Friisberg

Between noisy synths and abstract ambiences, Olav Friiisberg’s latest for the Jaeger Mix series swims in the abstract through the opening track. Connecting the dots between his last appearance at Jaeger as part of the conceptually charged “Tomrom“ project and his solo work in the realm of beat music, this mix finds the DJ consolidating the vast realm of Friisberg’s musical universe. 

Hello Olav, and welcome back to the Jaeger Mix.  What do you have in store for us this time around?

Some old and some new demos that I would like to share:)

Is there a track in the mix that sums up this mix for you?

Not really, it’s very diverse. 

Have you completely dropped the DJ Hamburger moniker… why?

Hamburger 4 lyfe. But my mom and dad gave me a name I can use. Maybe I should use it sometimes. Think it’s a nice name. 

You just did the first Mikroklubb at Jaeger. What was it like and what were some of the highlights of the night?

It was stressful at first, a whole new setup, and new gear. But when we got it up and running «smoothly» it was okay. Sound check is always a highlight because then we can relax a bit. I think it is nice to just start without starting, and just let people talk and figure out in the middle of the soundcheck that maybe the concert starts. 

Fridtjof playing on the Rhodes was a highlight for me. He also got some really nice sound recordings of a man talking. Jawn Rice joined the dj booth and did a beautiful mix. Thor programmed visuals!

Tell us more about the concept behind tomrom and will there be more performances?

It started with the concept of playing with field recordings and improvise with synth/Rhodes/guitar. And try to explore that in a small club/concert venue. Yes we like to perform more. 

Playing on found sounds and concrete music, this project seems to correspond to your day job as a sound technician. How has it informed what you do?

I think this project let us get inspired to work more with sound and explore it more. Not just put it in a folder on the hard drive. 

And how do you see it eventually informing your own music?

I think it could add a story to the music, a universe and an atmosphere that would not exist without the sound-recordings. 

I believe you’re working on some new music in the studio. What are you currently working on and when can we expect it?

Some old stuff I’m finishing and some new stuff :)

Mutual Intentions seems to be very active lately, especially on the record label front. What’s encouraged this new era of activity and what’s got you excited from the label in the near future?

I’m very excited for the new Tøyen Holding and Ivan Ave singles.