JM#179 – g-HA

Somebody or something broke g-HA on his latest edition of the Jaeger Mix. The Frædag / Jaeger / Sunkissed resident foregoes the minimal- and micro sounds that usually dominate his Friday night sets, as he delves into clattering world of the break with a mix that moves between electro, breakbeats, old school rave and garage through the course of the hour.

It’s an unusually dynamic set from our stalwart resident moving through several different musical spheres at once it seems. Going from track to track, the mix sways through various moods, with a kind of call and response nature, as Electro gives way to Deep House and Minimal Tech, giving away to a broken beat, before jumping back to Electro and eventually concluding on a psychedelic Disco edit.

g-HA takes us on an eclectic journey through the outer fringes of his extensive musical purview, and amazes with the way he ties these disparate worlds together through the mix. It’s a cosmic adventure seen through the mind’s eye and a side to g-HA we don’t often get a chance to hear any given Frædag.