JM#184 – Dirty Hans

Dirty by name, dirty by nature. Hans Jørgen Wærner’s chosen moniker is reflected in DJ sets that have a raw, and dusty feel. From Boogie to Disco to early nineties House, Dirty Hans’ selections favour the gritty, unpolished sheen of early club music in its most primal and functional forms.

A vital part of the Mutual Intentions collective, Dirty Hans is the artist behind the look of the collective and many of the events happening around the city. Events like Diskotaket, Boogienetter and of course the Mutual Intentions takeovers at Jaeger, sees the DJ picking through different aspects of his musical identity with that same unprocessed  and unfiltered approach channelled through his sets. He has a lot in common with his Mutual Intentions compatriot, Fredfades as a collector and DJ, with their tastes converging over the broad spectrum of Dance music from Hip -Hop to House.

On his debut for the Jaeger mix and special Mutual Intentions showcase, Dirty Hans took a different approach to Fred, with a mix that went back in time. Landing in that era of Disco as it moved over into House, Dirty Hans favours an eclectic sound across that narrow band of music and even if it’s a newer interpretation of those sounds,  it upholds that spirit of those prototypes. There’s a humanity to Hans’s selection and the way he brings them together. It’s in the little things, a hi-hat wavering, the course sound of the bass, and just the dusty remnants from well-played record, that Hans leaves his dirty print all over this mix.

It’s a wholly individual take on those sounds with Dirty Hans tripping through the outer rims of Disco and House for this mix, providing something truly special for his debut on the Jaeger mix series.