JM#185 – SGurvin

SGurvin is back! It didn’t take long to get the Full Pupp artist back in the Jaeger booth, and it took even less coercing in getting him to lay down another mix for us. Coming via the sauna for the Jaeger Mix series this time, SGurvin brings his unique approach to Djing to our booth once again, delivering another hybrid session for this Jaeger Mix.

Playing his own music, exclusively, the Norwegian producer and DJ manufactures a distinctive sound from the booth. Pulling sonic sources from largely unreleased material in his own archives, SGurvin creates immersive collages from turbulent beats and ephemeral melodic architectures. Flickers from his Hip-Hop influenced past shine through this mix, living side by side with his more recent adventures through club music, touching on elements of Techno, Trance and Ambient realms.

Functional at its core but evasive in its textures, SGurvin explores experimental atmospheres around the fringes of the dance floor. It opens a doorway to alien realms where digital organisms scurry from thunderous kick drums. Eking out the tempo throughout the mix, SGurvin ends in the high 140s, but where those regions would often assault, the producer and artist softens their exterior with swooshing pads, lingering chords and the resonances of irreverent sonic glitches that cling to the exteriors.

This is the second mix in nearly as many months from artist for Jaeger, but whereas the first captured the raw intensity of a night in the basement, this one was clearly specifically created for the context of the recorded mix. It follows during a time of incredible activity for the artist, with a string mod releases for Full Pupp express and Mhost likely, with a lot more primed from the artist coming in the near future.

You can read an in-depth interview with SGurvin over on the blog and check out his last mix for us here.