JM#203 – Mike Sadeyes

Iziki DJ and Loving Tuesdays regular, Mike Sadeyes makes his debut on the Jaeger mix this week.  His been a regular feature at Jaeger across these two concepts and has put together a mix representing the sounds you might hear at any given night. Playful rhythms and uplifting keys underpin this whole mix with a flair for the exotic charting courses to various world music styles.

As a DJ that likes to play energising records with loads of percussion, Mike Sadeyes’ mix doesn’t disappoint. He tempers the tempo for the sake of the recorded mix on this occasion while upholding his particular brand of sonic excursions. We tap into the origins of Mike Sadeyes and the moods he evokes in this hour long mix while we listen back to his contribution to the Jaeger Mix series.

Give us an introduction to your Jaeger mix.

Since I was little, I always liked to mess around with sounds and stuff that has to do with music. I always was very fun of hiphop andIi even had a Hiphop group where we used to do concerts around Madrid, it was called Trankilament. From there I started to develop an interest in production. I started messing around with logic which ended in designing the music for 2 theatre shows. After I went to Ableton and I produced a bunch of beats and an EP called “yes, I sleep here”.

What is your earliest memory of a piece of music?

Music has always  been in my life, so I’m guessing movie soundtracks. Rocky, Batman, Terminator I guess. Apart from the music that my parents were into, which involved a lot of blues and rock from the 70s, there were also these summer mixes tapes that I listened to all the time. 

How did you get into House music?

When I grew up it was only hiphop, reggae and dancehall, until I went to Monegros festival and all of a sudden, I was in the middle of a massive electronic music party.

But it was not until I started hanging around the venues in Oslo, with my very good friends Arlet and Cintia, when I started enjoying electronic music in general.

What encouraged you to become a DJ?

The main reason I wanted to become a DJ is mostly because I thought that all the music in Oslo was held in a very specific type, mostly in a dark vibe. People that come to hear what I play notice that I tend to play very percussive and energised records. My main focus when I play is to bring a good happy vibe in general, although I also like to play dark and hard techno as well.

What do you consider your role as DJ should be today?

For me I’m happy when I get the attention from someone who wants to shazam the tracks I play. When I’m on the dancefloor I enjoy it the most when the DJ makes me wonder what he is playing. So I guess my role as a DJ is to show the audience new interesting music.

What did you have planned for this mix, and how would it differ from a set you might play on a Tuesday at Jaeger?

I wanted this mix to be energetic and something that I’ll be happy to hear over the years. I also wanted to represent Afrohouse and Afrotech as a main genre since that is what I tend to play a lot. In a way to promote our Afrohouse concept Iziki.

The Big difference is that on a Tuesday I will never prepare the set, and for Jaeger mix a select 10 or 12 tracks that will represent me fully.

Are there any favourite tracks in this mix?

I think the first and the last track are my favourites, even though I really like the whole selection.

What do you hope your Æmix relays to the listener? 

Apart from encouraging them to come whenever we play around, I just hope the listeners have one good hour of joy and dance.

What’s next for you after this mix?

Next event, we have it here at Jaeger the 9th of September with Iziki and Djuma Sound system