JM#211 – Jungelgutta

With a slice and a cut, Jungelgutta make their debut at Jaeger and the Jaeger Mix.  The DJ duo are a new addition to Oslo’s sprawling DJ scene, foregoing the dominant sound of Techno for the more spirited sounds of House, Disco and the filtered French approach to club music. Bounding with a youthful enthusiasm, their Jaeger mix is forged in the pulse of the dance floor. Samples providing touchstones to the earliest roots of the music play against a backdrop of  modern drum machines pounding out effervescent rhythms. Let’s meet the duo behind this mix, Jungelgutta.

What is behind the artistic moniker Jungelgutta?

Thank you for having us Ivaylo and Jaeger Oslo!

The name Jungelgutta came to life during a period where we struggled to make ends meet because we spent so much money on Pizza from our favourite pizza Joint, Jungel Pizza.

Where can people usually find you playing? (Yes, the Internet is a place) 

Hopefully people can find us back at Jaeger soon, but you can also find us playing at Storgata 26, Chat D´or  Private Events and of course out on the World Wide Web!

What was your introduction to DJing and who or what were some of your inspirations?

Our introduction started when we moved in together along side Simons brother named Jakk. Jonathan had already been producing for a few years and Simon had background from the visual identity, profile, the manager role and branding. They then joined forces and Jungelgutta was born

Where do your allegiances lie in terms of genre or style in music?

We play House music and occasionally some groovy Disco tunes with a hint of French vibes.

Have you breached that border into producing yet?

Yes. As mentioned Jonathan has been producing music for some time, and Simon recently got himself Ableton Live to learn music production.

What do you consider the role of a DJ should be?

The role of a DJ is to play good music. Make the people move. We are getting kinda bored of the same music that is being played by every DJ at many of the big clubs nowadays here in Norway. We want to change it up a bit. Don’t get us wrong tho, we can dig a fast paced techno set every now and then tho.

Talk us through your thought process when preparing for this Jaeger mix. It moves between House and Disco, with a bit of that filtered French approach. What does this mix reflect in terms of your sonic ideas as DJs?

The process of making a good DJ Set always starts in your mind. The tunes come to you as you go about your daily duties and are combined later in the bedroom with a cold one, then we let our imagination run free. We go out of our way to seek new inspiration. When we have found songs for our set, we go for a run in the woods while listening thru it together with one AirPod each.

Is there a track in the mix that sums it all up for you?

The filtered French approach is Jonathan’s French roots peeking out in the mix. We love the combination between these two genres and it gives us the feeling of a hot and steamy summer night // Victory Level – Mixed” by Pépe

What do you hope the listener gets out of it when listening back to it?

Our goal at the end of the day is to make people have a good time, dance and overall just let the joy take over.

What else is on the horizon for Jungelgutta?

We’re continuously exploring new sounds, diving deeper into production, and dreaming up experiences that keep the spirit of the dance alive. We want our listeners to lose themselves in the music, if it only were for a second or two! Our goal at the end of the day is to deliver quality sets while having fun. Btw we are also planning our debut EP released soon!