Mix of the week – Anja Schneider

Life after Mobilee has only seen Anja Schneider go from strength to strength. A new label, an album and a relentless touring schedule has followed Anja Schneider into this new phase of her career in which she shows absolutely no signs of slowing. As an artist and a DJ she continues to pursue a singular sound, and its a sound that has cemented her legacy in the booth.

Last week at Jæger we were able to witness her prowess in our basement first hand when she stopped by for Frædag and after a nod from the artist, we’re very happy to stream this mix again exclusively from our blog.

It’s a mix that Features Schneider’s unique sound. It’s a stripped back minimalist Techno sound, abound with effervescent atmospheres and a predominant rhythm section. Her set at Jæger left us teetering on a knife’s edge with melodic transcendent movements building up to ecclesiastic heights before a kick and noise bring it all crashing down to earth with an awesome oomf, propelling bodies into movement.

So here it is again…