Øyvind Morken – Live at Jaeger 09.09.2022

We’re kidding of course. Øyvind Morken has been our de facto party-starter (firestarter?) for Fridays since we’ve re-opened in 2022. The fresh prince from Hauketo, has been opening up the sauna, with his esoteric style of music, often doing marathon sets well into the morning. On this particular night, he pays tribute to the machine that started it all…  the Roland TR 909.

There’s no point in even trying to shazam these tracks as Øyvind picks through what is always some obscure corner of music, finding those rare gems that informed the prototypes of their proto-genres in dance music. Recorded towards the end of his set, as the dance floor started to coalesce,  “I cut out and uploaded an hour from the end of the set when I’m playing proto and post house and techno records;” he says in an email. “Pretty much a tribute to the day it was recorded, September 9, aka 909. ;)”

What’s post-House? You’ll have to hit play and find out. Listen to it on Soundcloud over here.