Prins Thomas presents a night of Dubby Techno (…and other related sorts)

Armed with a couple of echo pedals and a just a few boxes of records, Prins Thomas ascended on Jaeger on an unassuming Wednesday and something very special transpired. Everybody’s expectations low, we weren’t really prepared, but we armed the recorder and sat back, and today we’re happy to share a few slices of the evening via Prins Thomas’ soundcloud page.

“I’ve been wanting to do a sort of deep dive into the dubbier side of house and techno for a while,” Prins Thomas told us before the set, “playing a more monochrome set than what I usually do when the party gets going. Letting the records play, breathe and shine on their own terms… Saturday night and the urge to grab a disco classic or some uplifting rave pianos usually wins over going in deep like Costeau.

For this night, the effect and feel of the records trumps the actual genre they belong to so even though there’ll surely be records by both Oswald AND Ernestus played on this night do not be surprised by wildcards being thrown into the mix.”

He delivered in no uncertain terms on the night, and the magnitude of what he was doing even seemed to much to bare for Mixcloud as the audio cut out three hours in. Luckily the back-up recorder bore the brunt and Thomas was able to cut it up in 7 digestible parts, including some of that missed audio, and we can share it with you all today. That’s 7 hours of Prins Thomas!

*Prins Thomas is back on the 25th of February for his monthly Serenity Now! escapades.